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Fertilization and Weed Control

Colgate Lawn Service uses the highest quality fertilizers available and always applies it at the proper application rate to ensure not only the health of your lawn, but also the health of your family.

Colgate Lawn Service offers a 5 step program to ensure you always have a beautiful lawn that makes your neighbors jealous.

Outline of the 5 step program:

  •       First application (April/May): Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.

This application will not only provide the needed nutrients for your lawn it will also ward off any crabgrass seeds trying to sprout up in spring. This application is necessary to ensure a crabgrass free lawn.

  •       Second application (May/Early June): Granular slow release fertilizer plus liquid blanket treatment of weeds.

This application will take care of any weeds that did germinate as well as provide the lawn with a balanced fertilizer feeding

  •       Third application (Late June/Early July): Granular slow release fertilizer with liquid spot treatment of weeds if necessary

This application keeps the lawn strong through the warmer periods of summer. Any weeds that may have survived the first round of weed control will also be taken care of during this visit.

  •       Fourth application (Late August/Early September): Granular slow release fertilizer plus liquid blanket treatment of weeds.

This application is the same as the second application and controls any remaining weeds to avoid further seed spreading and to reduce the potential for dandelions the following spring.

  •       Fifth application (Late October/Early November): Granular     slow release winterizer fertilizer

This is the most important fertilization for the grass. It encourages strong root development in fall to ensure a quick green up in spring.

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Above is a photo which was taken in the spring, on the left you'll see a the yard of a CLS customer. The photo speaks for itself.

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