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Roof Raking

It's no secret that no one wants to go out in below freezing weather to clear their roof of excess snow. Fortunately with a simple call to CLS you won't have to. Colgate Lawn Service offers roof raking services throughout the winter. Roof raking is a very difficult and dangerous chore but CLS has no problem getting the job done and getting it done correctly. Our roof raking service removes the first 6-8 feet of snow from the edge of your roof.

Lets take a look at why roof raking is so important.

The picture above shows what can happen if snow on the roof isn't removed. See, the heat from your house warms the lower few inches of snow on the roof. This water now runs down and into the gutter where there is no heat, therefore it freezes. This process goes on for days and sometimes weeks and eventually the ice backs up and lifts the shingles. After this happens you've got a real problem because the snow that melts starts to leak into your house causing serious damage to the roof and sometimes the walls and ceiling.

As you can see roof raking is an essential chore and luckily CLS can take care of this for you, ultimately saving you thousands in future repair bills.

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