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Slinger Fertilization

Are You looking for a Fertilization and Weed Control Service in Slinger WI?

How about one that is Affordable, Reliable, and Professional

Well you have finally found one!

Lets look at just a few reasons people just like you choose CLS as their preferred Fertilization and Weed Control Service:

  • A truly beautiful and care free lawn
    • Hiring CLS ensures that your lawn will always be the envy of the neighborhood, not just sometimes.
  • No worrying about reliability
    • You will never have to worry about CLS, we show up 5 times a year on a schedule that is based on weather and the season
  • Timely Invoicing
    • Unlike many of our competitors, CLS sends invoices at the end of the month EVERY month our services are provided.
  • Professional Communication
    • CLS always answers or returns phone calls and emails as quickly as possible. With CLS there is no more waiting around wondering if a company will ever even call you back.

    Are you looking for a description of out fool proof 5 Step Program?

    Well look no further:

  • First application (Late April): Fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.

This fertilizer application will not only provide the necessary nutrients for your lawn it will also ward off any crabgrass seeds trying to sprout up in spring. If you don't use some sort of pre-emergent crabgrass will start to move in as a result.

  • Second application (Late May/Early June): Fertilizer plus liquid spot treatment of weeds.

This application will take care of any weeds that are present in your lawn as well as feeding the lawn into the summer.

  • Third application (Late June/Early July): Fertilizer

This application keeps the lawn strong through the warmer periods of summer.

  • Fourth application (Late August/Early September): Fertilizer plus liquid spot treatment of weeds.

This application is the same as the second application and controls any remaining weeds to avoid further seed spreading.

  • Fifth application (Late October/Early November): Fertilizer

This is the most important fertilization. It encourages strong root development in fall to ensure that it greens up quickly next spring.

Now lets take a look at what previous CLS customers have to say about us:

A very good job clearing away a serious weed problem! Very professional! Thank you.
Signed: Robert and Ellen Seay, Germantown
Services Provided: Weed Control
Colgate Lawn Service LLC deserves the highest of praise. Our need for their service was a bit unusual: my husband had major surgery in April 2009 and was medically restricted from using our riding mower. CLS, very willingly, worked with us and wrote our contract on an "as needed basis" until my husband's doctor released the restriction. Turns out, we needed CLS' services the entire grass-growing season. When my husband originally phoned Nick for a quote, Nick was very punctual in providing it, and his punctuality in providing service continued all summer. Additionally, CLS' invoicing has been prompt and accurate-something that cannot be said for alot of businesses. CLS provided us with great service at a fair price and we highly recommend them to anyone that requires their services. We would certainly hire them again if the need arose. CLS are true professionals.
Signed: Patti and Jay Johnson, Hubertus
Services Provided: Lawn Mowing

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