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How to Improve your Lawn

Here we'll learn a few different things you can do to increase the appearance and health of your lawn.

Follow along as we look into Aerating, Dethatching, Overseeding, and Fertilizing.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is very important to your lawn's health. Aeration is a process, which involves perforating the soil with small holes and dispersing the soil on the lawn. This is best done in spring or late summer to fall. This process provides the following benefits:

  • The soil is able to breath providing oxygen to the roots
  • Fertilizers and nutrients gain access to the root system
  • Water is allowed to soak into the soil and reach the root system
  • Compacted soil is loosened up allowing it room to grow

Aeration must be performed by a machine. These machines can be rented from many different rental outfits but are tiresome and can be difficult to operate. Luckily CLS can often provide you the service for about the same cost as renting an aerator saving you both time and keeping you out of harms way. Furthermore CLS utilizes commercial equipment that doesn't leave unsightly soil plugs on the lawn and disperses the soil evenly.

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view our Lawn Aeration page


Thatch is a layer of slowly decomposing grass, dead roots, and other yard debris that collects on your lawns surface. The accumulation of thatch over time prevents water and other nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. Accumulation of thatch, like the compacted soil, also gives insects a great place to hide. Due to the consistent temperatures resulting from the thatch insects and diseases thrive in thatch-covered lawns.

Now that we know what thatch is and how it can hinder a lawns health. Let's explore how we can remove it. Like aerators, dethatchers can be rented but are also cumbersome and have many settings and adjustments that can be very confusing. Much like aerating CLS can dethatch your lawn saving time, the hassle and in many cases money over doing it yourself.

For more information or to find how how to receive a quote you
can view our Lawn Dethatching page


Overseeding is often an overlooked necessity of a healthy lawn. After many years grass needs to be revitalized. Overseeding is, just as the name implies, spreading seed over an existing lawn. Overseeding is a great cure for lawns like the one in the picture below.

Overseeding will thicken your lawn by creating new grass as older grass plants slow their reproduction rate and eventually die. Overseeding not only increases the appearance of your lawn but it also reduces the amount of weeds by crowding them out.

Overseeding is best done in spring and fall and is often done following aeration and/or dethatching. It is not difficult and you can overseed if you have a good quality, properly calibrated spreader.
Although due to Colgate Lawn Service’s commercial pricing on grass seed there isn’t often a cost benefit to doing it yourself.

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view our Lawn Overseeding page

Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization gives the lawn the necessary nutrients it requires to grow and remain healthy. It is something that must be done multiple times during the year. Fertilization is often done along with some type of weed control of prevention often referred to as “weed and feed.”

A properly applied fertilization program will provide the following benefits:
  • Thicker, greener turf
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn
  • A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn

Like overseeding, fertilization is not at all difficult. Although determining what products to apply and more importantly when to apply them can be quite confusing. Fortunately due to quantity discounts that CLS receives we can often perform our five-step program for the same and sometimes less than it would cost you to purchase and apply the products yourself.

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