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Spring and Fall Clean Up

Unfortunately for most people who live in Wisconsin both spring and fall clean ups are a necessary evil. Although on the bright side CLS is here to offer great rates so that you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful weather instead of working in it.

Colgate Lawn Service's spring and fall clean ups consist of the following:
  • Removing leaves, sticks and debris from flower beds
  • Collect all debris and sticks for disposal off site
  • Mulching of all leaves on turf area
Colgate Lawn Service has found that mulching the leaves rather than bagging them not only benefits the lawn but also benefits your pocketbook. Most lawn service companies bag and dispose of leaves off site and because of that their prices are 4 times higher than ours. CLS can charge so much less because mulching the leaves is far less time consuming and we don't incur any disposal fees from waste management. More importantly than the cost savings is that mulching the leaves creates an organic fertilizer, much like compost, which means your lawn will green up more quickly when spring rolls around.

If you are skeptical of this leaf clean up process head over to our Testimonials page and read
Lori Laszkiewicz testimonial from fall 2009.

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